Hold a visual conversation


Thumbly is a New York based startup looking to change the way we communicate through visual messaging. The challenge was to position Thumbly to be appealing to professionals while still promoting an informal way of communication, hoping to speed up the way we converse with each other. We firstly defined the product and hammered out the details in the UX phase, then moved on to the branding which dovetailed with the UI phase at the end. 


Defining the product


The UX and UI needed to be very simple to support different types of content (text, photos, videos), have enough character with it’s branding and be very robust and utilitarian to support quick usage. The biggest challenge to me personally was handling the project definition phase in the UX directly with the startup founders which proved to be a challenging but ultimately very rewarding experience. Thumbly is still awaiting it’s debut on the App store in the upcoming months.