Vision performance analysis


Sight Kit is a cross platform product designed and developed for one of the largest health care providers in the US in cooperation with a LA based startup focused on vision health. I was responsible for branding, UX and UI design. The project was kicked off with a workshop in Sacramento which proved to be essential to get on the same wavelenght as far as expectations go with the client.

The main idea behind the product is to provide users with relevant information about their vision performance that they get through playing games. An SDK that analyzes the game performance provides insight into how the user’s vision is currently performing.


Building out the MVP

There were a couple of challenges with the project, for instance creating visualisations for metrics that we were establishing for the first time. Branding the product was pretty succesful which then provided a great starting point for the UI phase that went really smoothly. This product is currently in it's MVP stage with the iOS and website app being released gradually to a large audience of beta users.