Project background

Conferences are an amalgamation of a lot of ideas and people. An ideal place to learn and network. But some things get lost in a large conference. The larger the event — the more diffused the experience gets. You can’t really pick and choose who you want to meet and can’t really see everything you’d hope. There’s a lot of stuff going on and you sometimes might feel overwhelmed. But if attendees have everything a conference has to offer within their reach on mobile,

they can claim back some of that experience. The team at Web Summit is great in creating social situations where people meet and network. They wanted their app to do that as well. Five agency was hired to help bring their attendees and the rest of their conference network the best possible mobile conference experience. A redesigned and reimagined app that’s a great networking tool for the attendees.


We wanted the attendees to

Chat and network with anyone at the conference. Find professionals that have the same interests as them. Find startups relevant to them. Explore and tailor a schedule.


Iterating on the wireframes proved to be necessary to get the best possible navigation and layouts that supported our goals. Decided on a tabbed navigation was key to provide maximum exposure to our diverse content. We created a clear information architecture for the users to navigate through. 

We achieved this by working hard and concentrating on the user's needs and our goals right from the start. Kicking the project off with a workshop was really useful because we talked, debated and defined the features that mattered the most and were most important for the goals we previously set.


Visual design with the future in mind


 tertiary colours in their branding that, when applied to our app, produced some beautiful results. Our shape styles and typography scale needed to be organised in a smart way to accommodate different visual identities. Covering iOS and Android for 5 conferences meant we needed a modular design system to generate every single screen for every specific conference. 

Web Summit in Dublin, Rise in Hong Kong, Collision in New Orleans, Surge in Bangalore, India and MoneyConf in Madrid are all a part of a huge network of conferences. All of them have their specific identity and we kept that in mind while designing the app. The design needed to be easily modified while being able to carry every brand. Every conference had primary, secondary and


Make your own schedule

It’s a given that attendees want to make their own schedule. Some people do this before the conference, while others do it on the fly browsing the floor. Either way, searching through the stages is easy, and if you’re unsure of what you wanna see the app will provide you with a recommended list of talks based on your interests. The 

key thing here was to present the information in a clear way. The app shows a large amount of info: talks that ended, talks that are currently in progress, time and location, speaker details, etc. We gave a lot of attention to this during the UI Design phase, in order to make information readable and understandable at a glance.


Chatting and networking

During the on-boarding, a user selects a couple of interests that we, later on, use to recommend talks, people to connect with and startups they’d be interested in. Layer was integrated to provide a rich messaging solution. 

Users could also search attendees by name, interests or companies they work for. This proved to be challenging but we knocked it out of the park and, in return, got a great user experience in our app.


Attendee feedback

We got some really positive feedback that made us feel really proud and confident in the app we tailor made for a great conference experience.